Thursday, 21 February 2013

Review: Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover with Acetone

Pretty Perfect Twist and Out Instant Nail Polish Remover with Acetone - Poundland £1

My sister bought me this from Poundland the other week as a possible dupe for the Bourjois Magic remover that she bought me for Christmas (review here). I was looking forward to trying this product as at only £1 a bottle, compared to Bourjois's price tag of £4.99, it would make a very good cheap alternative.

The first difference between the two is that unlike the Bourjois remover, this one contains acetone. While this doesn't really bother me as my normal bottle of nail polish remover contains acetone, this may be an issue for you if you prefer a more gentle remover.

Another difference between the two is this one does not have a structured sponge inside. While again this isn't a huge issue, the Bourjois remover has a circular hole in the middle of the sponge inside which makes it a bit easier to remove the polish. The Twist and Out one just has a gap between the sponge.

However a good thing about this product is that even though the bottle is very tiny, it actually has a lot of remover inside. It has 55ml of product which is only 20ml behind the Bourjois bottle (which is almost twice its size) so it is good value for money. The bottle being so small also makes it very practical. I think this would be great for girls who apply their nail polish on the go, for example whilst travelling or at work because the bottle would easily fit into a handbag.

Overall I think while you do get what you pay for with this nail polish as it isn't as well made as the Bourjois one, it does actually work really well at removing nail polish. Plus it is about 1/5 of the price of the Bourjois remover so if you are happy to use an acetone remover then I'd definitely recommend this product!

Have you seen this remover before? Would you use it?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Haul: eBay

1. 3D Mesh Rose Jumper - £13.33 + Free delivery
2. Red Heart Jumper - £11.00 + £3.00
3. Lace Shorts in Beige - £2.96 + £1.99 delivery
4. Lace Shorts in Black - £2.96 + £1.99 delivery
5. Topshop Burgundy Heart Jumper - £9.99 + £4.00 delivery
6. Silver Cat Ears Ring - £0.99 + Free delivery

Total = £52.21 (!!)

Yesterday was payday for me and as I'm a bit short on money at the moment I decided to use most of my spending money on eBay items I've had my eye on for a while. Most of these came from international sellers which means they won't arrive for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd show you them now while they are still available.

I've seen quite a few bloggers post outfits with American Apparel's beautiful 3D Flower Mesh jumper but with a hefty price tag of £75 I knew I'd never be able to afford it so when I came across #1 on eBay I was a very happy bunny. At only £13.33 with free delivery I think I might end up ordering it in some other colours! I was also really happy to find #2 as I think it is quite a good dupe for Taylor Swift's Wildfox jumper so I am really excited for it to arrive.

I still can't believe this whole lot came to just over £50! In most shops that would only get me two or three items so I feel like I've got a real bargain with this haul. I've not really bought many clothes off eBay before but I think its definitely something I will be considering again in the future.

Hopefully you'll see these crop up in outfit posts over the next month or two.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Outfit post #1 - Motel and Boohoo

Cillia Dress Sequin Nude - £15 (sale - no longer available)

My first outfit post (eeeeek!). Firstly, I'd like to apologise for these not-so-great photos. Taking outfit photos is a lot harder than I thought, hence the dodgy faces and awkward poses.

Although this isn't really an OOTD, I just wanted to show you both of these items which are recent purchases of mine. I got the dress from Motel for the bargain price of £15 in the sale, down from £58! Unfortunately it is no longer available on their website but they have lots of lovely new S/S pieces in now and if you use my Motel Street Team code at the checkout (cutesandfruits) you can get 20% off your order! This is the first item that I've ever ordered from Motel but I think I will definitely be ordering from them again.

I also got the cat headband reduced for just £4.80 when Boohoo were running their free delivery promotion and elevated 20% student discount but it is still available to buy for only £6. It is such a cute accessory. I haven't found an occasion to wear it out yet but every time I've felt a bit down or I'm not having such a great day I just put this on and it always brings a smile to my face.

Have you ordered anything from Motel or Boohoo recently?

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