Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Wishlist: Primark on ASOS

1. Denim Jacket - £16
3. Studded Parka - £22

If you haven't heard already from every other fashion blog out there, Primark now has their own range on ASOS! I was so excited about this when I first heard because I find sometimes shopping in Primark a bit stressful as its usually packed full of shoppers, so it will be nice to finally order things online. Additionally, as ASOS has free delivery on everything (I love you ASOS) and the prices are supposed to be the same as if you bought the item in-store, it seems like a match made in budget heaven.

I've been lusting after a denim jacket to wear with dresses in the summer for a while now and I've seen #1 looking lovely on a couple of bloggers. I like that it is a lighter denim and to be honest, at £16 you can't really go wrong.

#2 and #4 both have pretty back detailing which I am such a sucker for, although I can hear my Mum shouting at me now that I already have a million dresses like #2! I do love the floral print on #4 though. It looks like it should be worn to have afternoon tea in a posh little cafe.

#4 would also be the perfect summer jacket. I'm very tempted to get it but I'm not sure if the style will suit me so I may have to track it down in our local Primark store to try on first.

Have you seen Primark's range on ASOS? Do you think you'll start buying Primark online?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

May/June Clothing and Accessories Haul

WARNING: This post contains a lot of pictures!

Hello! Another haul post again but I think I've been pretty good this month. Most of these I bought secondhand from car boot sales, charity shops and a blog sale. I even managed to get my whole outfit for our trip to the theatre for my boyfriend's 21st birthday later this month for just £6 (dress - £1, shoes - £2, earrings - £3)!

However I did buy a biker jacket from Topshop and a dress from Motel but I think both will be great investment pieces... Or at least that's what I'm telling myself to stop feeling guilty about my battered bank balance!

Secondhand items:

Car boot sale:
ASOS dress - £2
New Look bow shoes - £2
SoulCal knitted waistcoat - £1
Rare London button dress - £1

Charity shop:
Topshop striped t-shirt - £1.95

Blog sale: (all from being little's blog sale)
Next earrings - £3
Primark monochrome skater skirt - £5
Missguided pinafore dress - £12
New Look apple necklace - £2

New items:
Have you been hitting car boot sales recently? Link me to your haul posts as well!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NOTD: Essie Ballet Slippers & Essie Eternal Optimist

With all the beautiful weather we've been having recently I've finally broken out of my I-only-want-to-wear-dark-colours fixation and have started reaching for pretty pastel colours.

Essie are one of my favourite brands for their great formula and easy application and for this look I used Ballet Slippers with Eternal Optimist on my ring finger. Eternal Optimist is a really lovely nude colour which is great for days when you want something on your nails but nothing too dark or distracting. 

I also love the milky colour of Ballet Slippers but I forgot how sheer it is. In this picture I had applied 3 coats but the whites of my nails were still visible underneath so I think next time I use it I'll apply a layer of an opaque white polish before I add this one on top to give it a bit of a helping hand.

Are you a fan of Essie nail polishes?

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