Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Girly stocking fillers for £5 or less!

If like me you are feeling the pinch this Christmas then this gift guide I've put together will be perfect for you. All of the items in this guide are priced at £5 or less so hopefully it'll help you tick off your gift lists without breaking the bank!

1. RHS Collection Classic Rose Scented Candle Tin - Boots £5. I've not personally smelt this candle but you can never go wrong with a pretty rose scent! This candle would be a great choice for a friend as it looks so elegant and expensive yet has a very reasonable price tag.

2. Deep Pink Mohair Bobble Hat - New Look £4.99. A pretty and very on-trend hat which would be perfect to wear on cold winter walks.

3. Green flower bead stud earringsDorothy Perkins £3. How pretty are these earrings? And for only £3 a pair you could afford to buy a couple of these as back-up presents so you can avoid that awkward I-didn't-get-you-anything situation when someone surprises you with a gift.

4. The Vow DVD - £4.99. One of my favourite romantic films. This makes a perfect stocking filler as it is the kind of film that can be enjoyed by any generation, so would be very useful for Boxing Day when all the men are off watching football!

5. Minnie Mouse Body Polisher - Boots £3.50. So cute! Would be a great gift for the younger girls in your family.

6. Kirstie Allsopp Miniature Tape Measure - M&S £4. I absolutely love this tape measure. It is small enough to carry around in your bag and with its pretty floral design, it would make a great present for Cath Kidston fans.

7. Navy and White spot Reindeer Briefs - New Look £2.99. Every girl needs a pair of Christmasy underwear to wear over the festive season and at 3 for £7 you can afford to treat yourself as well as your friends!

8. Sass & Belle Vintage Postcard Inspired Heart Decorations - Mollie & Fred £3.99 (each). These would look seriously cute on door and drawer knobs. A good gift for girls who love vintage designs.

9. White Let It Snow Postcard Purse - New Look £3.99. Perfect for keeping your pennies in over the Boxing Day sales.

10. Cream Cable Knit Fur Trim Earmuffs - New Look £4.99. Seriously cute and very practical, these will keep the chill off your ears over winter.

I hope this guide comes in handy for you guys :). Is there anything from this guide that you are tempted to buy for yourself?

Monday, 19 November 2012

Cute laptop cases from just £2.97!

Recently my lovely new laptop got chipped accidentally when my boyfriend was carrying it for me so my Mum kindly asked me whether I'd like a laptop case for Christmas to protect it from anymore knocks and bumps! Thinking this was probably a good idea as I am quite a klutz myself, I did a bit of research on cute cases and I came across these ones;

1. Cath Kidston Trailing Floral Laptop Sleeve - Cath Kidston £28
2. Disaster Designs Bon Voyage Laptop Sleeve - Mollie & Fred £19.99
3. Logik Red & White Polka Dot Laptop Sleeve - PC World £2.97
4. Moustache On Pink Polka Dots Laptop Sleeve - Zazzle £24.15
5. Ted Baker Peachy Laptop Case - John Lewis £44
6. Disaster Designs Paper Plane Parcel Laptop Sleeve - Campus Gifts £16.96

I settled on the Bon Voyage one by Disaster Designs in the end as I loved that the design included the Eiffel Tower/Paris which I'm still obsessed with since going there this summer. I'm really happy with my choice and I can't wait to take this with me when I go travelling next.

Which one would you pick?

My week in Instagram 11/11/12 - 18/11/12

It's been a pretty busy week! Managed to hand my sociology essay in time which was a relief and two old coats that no longer fit me sold on eBay for around £40 each so I ended up doing a bit of shopping. I also had a go at making the peanut butter cheesecake that I'm going to make for our anniversary on the 10th of next month. It actually turned out pretty well, apart from the biscuit base (note to self: must add more butter!). The recipe was pretty easy to follow so if you fancy giving it a go yourself, I've included links below for the recipe I used and some of the things I bought.

1. Feather heart decoration for my bedroom door 
2. My new Disaster Designs laptop case
3.The roses my boyfriend bought for me when I was poorly
4. New Eiffel Tower earrings from Saffy Loves
5. The paper tape I ordered from eBay to decorate anniversary and Christmas presents with
6. The peanut butter cheesecake I made from a BBC Good Food recipe
7. Coffee that my boyfriend gave me to keep my going at work
8. The super-cute grumpy panda jumper that I got for £10 in the New Look sale!
9. Cosmopolitan magazine

Hello :)

I've been fawning over beauty/fashion blogs for a long time so I thought it was about time I give it a go myself. As well as beauty and fashion posts, I'd love to share cute things with you guys (such as iPhone cases, ornaments etc.). I keep coming across things that I find cute and can't help but go 'oh my god! Look how cute that is! Isn't that cute?!' but no-one else seems to get it. So it will be nice to have somewhere to share these things!

I hope you  guys enjoy my blog.

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