Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Wishlist: Primark on ASOS

1. Denim Jacket - £16
3. Studded Parka - £22

If you haven't heard already from every other fashion blog out there, Primark now has their own range on ASOS! I was so excited about this when I first heard because I find sometimes shopping in Primark a bit stressful as its usually packed full of shoppers, so it will be nice to finally order things online. Additionally, as ASOS has free delivery on everything (I love you ASOS) and the prices are supposed to be the same as if you bought the item in-store, it seems like a match made in budget heaven.

I've been lusting after a denim jacket to wear with dresses in the summer for a while now and I've seen #1 looking lovely on a couple of bloggers. I like that it is a lighter denim and to be honest, at £16 you can't really go wrong.

#2 and #4 both have pretty back detailing which I am such a sucker for, although I can hear my Mum shouting at me now that I already have a million dresses like #2! I do love the floral print on #4 though. It looks like it should be worn to have afternoon tea in a posh little cafe.

#4 would also be the perfect summer jacket. I'm very tempted to get it but I'm not sure if the style will suit me so I may have to track it down in our local Primark store to try on first.

Have you seen Primark's range on ASOS? Do you think you'll start buying Primark online?


  1. Great wish list! Love the denim jacket :) love I'll be able to buy Primark from Aus!


    1. I didn't (selfishly) think about that! I bet a lot of people outside the UK will be happy with ASOS for this :) x

  2. I'm so happy that you can now buy Primark on ASOS, I know there is never a Primark far away, but like you said, it's always rammed plus you probably don't find all the good stuff in primark that you now can on ASOS!
    I love your wish list, especially #4!

    Charlotte xx

  3. I love your style! The parka is a fave and I love the sweetheart dress :D
    Love your blog so much had to follow ♥♥

    Khadija x
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  4. I love that Asos is now stocking Primark - love the dresses :)

  5. great post

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  7. I love the mesh sweetheart dress! :)

  8. i love that dress - it's stunning!

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  9. Lovely blog!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xoxo

  10. Ooh, Primark being available on ASOS is definitely quite exciting - just hoping they have more stuff available online soon, it's so much nicer shopping their collection without all the mania! The optical print and sweetheart dresses are both on my wish list, gorgeous! Xx


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