Monday, 29 April 2013

April clothing & accessories haul

Hello! Despite the fact that I've supposed to have been on a mini spending ban this month as I've got to save up for a university halls deposit by June, I've actually managed to buy quite a lot of clothes and accessories! So here are my sneaky purchases from April...


Still can't believe this was only £12! I'm looking forward to wearing this in the summer with my oversized daisy earrings, a brown belt and wedges.
Linea fitted dress - £18 from a secondhand shop
Exact match here on eBay

I fell in love with this beautiful dress when I saw it in a secondhand shop. I bought it to go on my mannequin but sadly it was too small and wouldn't do up properly at the back so I've pinned the sides back and have got it hanging up in my room now instead.
Primark navy skater dress - £5 from a secondhand shop

I actually bought this dress in a different size a couple of years ago when Primark had it in their shops but had long thrown it out after it didn't fit me anymore. However I came across this one in a secondhand shop which was my current size for only £5 and I knew I would regret not buying it. The material is actually really lightweight and breezy so I think this will be another great summer item.

Felt Hat - £10.99 from a vintage shop
H&M Bowler Hat - £7.99

Sorry neither of these photos are very great but it's actually a lot harder than I thought it would be to take photos of hats! My Mum bought me the vintage felt hat as an Easter present when we went visited my Aunt's house over the holidays and I love it. It reminds me a lot of the hat Taylor Swift wears in her '22' video which shamelessly makes me like it even more.

I've also wanted a bowler hat literally for years but all the ones I'd spotted in vintage shops had always been upwards of £30 which is a bit out of my part-time shop assistant/student budget. So when I spotted Gemma from What's In Her Wardrobe wearing this £7.99 H&M one, I ordered it straight away. I must warn you though that H&M's delivery times are generally awful. This hat took over 3 weeks to arrive. I might actually do a full review of their delivery service because this is not the first time this has happened to me. Otherwise it is really lovely and I'm so happy that I finally own a bowler hat!
Dorothy Perkins Fan Clutch Bag - £5.00

I got this one in Dorothy Perkins's sale for only £5 which I think is an absolute steal! I really love this bag. I haven't had chance to use it yet though as I want to save it to wear on a special occasion.
Flats from Primark - £4 to £6

Have you been buying much this month?


  1. I love the clutch bag. I had assumed it was vintage until I saw you'd bought it from DP. That's a great find!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Oh thank you, that's good to hear! :) Now I just need to find an occasion that I can use it for haha... x

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, me too. Daisies look cute on anything! x

  3. you post such cute blog posts, i love it! you have a new follower hehe :)

    1. Ahh, thank you! That is so sweet of you :) x

  4. oh mah god, for a spending ban this is a HUGE haul, haha! sneaky girl, indeed. i LOVE the daisy romper- that thing is too precious for words. and i also like that fancy tulle dress. it looks so classic and ball-esque. that thing would actually be REALLY fun to dress down and wear on a normal day. good luck surviving the may ban ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Haha, I was a bit sneaky to say the least. Thank you, you're so sweet! :) x

  5. The daisy print playsuit is so perfect for summer! I have those studded Primark flats and they are so comfortable x

    1. Ah I love them! I really wish I bought another couple of pairs now as they were reduced as well x


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