Saturday, 26 January 2013

Favourites: Lush Valentine's Day 2013 gifts

1. The Kiss Lip Tint - £5.50
3. Foxy Knot-Wrap - £2.95
5. Sexy Fun Times Gift - £9.95
6. Be Mine Gift - £16.50

Lush have got their Valentine's Day gifts up on their website now and its hard not to love everything they've got to offer! Firstly, how cute are those gift boxes? I just love how they are packaged and they have some really great products inside. I especially love the 'Sexy Fun Times Gift' as it has a bar of FUN and a soft massage heart inside. It costs less than a tenner and you can both enjoy the products so I think this would make a great gift.

My favourite item from their Valentine's collection though has to be the Foxy Knot-Wrap. I think this would be perfect to wrap up your favourite massage bar and/or bath bomb as again this is something you can both enjoy. Plus you could use it afterwards to keep jewellery in or something. He's just too cute not to re-use!

Have you put any of these on your Valentine's wish-list?


  1. I hope i get some of these for valentines day! particularly the massage bars look good :D

    1. Me too! I'd especially like to try the heart shaped one because apparently its all soft inside x


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